Monday, January 7, 2008

Looking Ahead...

Looking ahead to tonight...


Looking ahead to Thursday...

-NU Kids begins Thursday for 6 weeks (Jan 10-Feb14), if you would be interested in helping out please let me know ASAP!

Looking ahead to February...

-The last weekend of February (23rd and 24th) we will be talking about Jesus calming the storm - each group will be making a "storm in a bottle" we need about 52 empty, plastic
water bottles with lids - you can drop them off in the workroom!

Looking ahead to March...

-Easter comes early this year - March 23rd to be exact!

-March is another 5-Weekend month - so we will do the same as December and clear the
week 3 schedules and push every back 1 week, so Week 3 Volunteers will serve on Week 4
and Week 4 volunteers will serve on Week 5

-SOWO Volunteers and anyone available to serve during the Easter Weekend services will be
on the schedule for that weekend!