Sunday, January 1, 2012



I won't say I'm sad to see 2011 go.  It was a year of transition, of change, of heartache and heartbreak.  In the end, I've grown a ton. 

God used each situation that 2011 brought to teach me, to grow me, and to make me stronger in who I am in HIM.  To sum it up, it was a needed year.  A year of needed growth, understanding, and an increased ability to see people and life as He sees it - not how I want to see it.

But here we are, turning over a new page.  Its a time to start over, to start fresh.  Heading into 2012 I know it will be a year of transition as well ... I mean, what year isn't?!?!  Nothing ever stays the same, even though we may try our best to never change - its a part of life.

I read this blog entry the other night.  I've heard of OneWord before, but never felt truly inspired to choose a word - although looking back I could pin a word on most years.

As I enter 2012, I've decided to choose a word.  The word that He has brought to me over and over throughout the past year is balance.  Finding balance in Him, in work, in home, in play ... balance in all aspects of life. 

I've spent the past several months in the thick of transition and things have shifted towards work, but this season of transition is coming to a close, which makes the beginning of 2012 the perfect time to begin focusing on balance. 

There is a good year ahead and He has good things in store, but I don't want to miss those things by having my focus in the wrong places. 

Happy 2012!  What's your word for the year?