Saturday, December 24, 2011

To Heal - Christmas 2011

Tonight I sat in service, yes its the 23rd ... but tomorrow is going to be PACKED so, I caught service tonight so I can focus on the hundreds of kids and families that will come through the doors tomorrow.

I was partially distracted.  Not because I had volunteers and kids in the wing on the opposite side of the building, but distracted by this past year, by the hurts, the transitions, the craziness and reality that things today aren't the way I pictured them a year ago.

Last Christmas was HARD ... as in funeral hard on December 23rd.  Compared to last year, today looks a lot different, although I won't say its all better.

You see, there's a reality that Christmas IS about Christ, but its also that yearly reminder that life isn't how we think it should be or the way it should look - our plans aren't our own, they are His. 

So tonight, admist my distraction and wandering mind I saw four words on a massive screen...

He came... HEAL

Yes, Jesus came not only to love, to save, to reconcile, but He came to heal, and not just physically heal, but emotionally, relationally, and any other way that we need healing - if only we seek Him.

It was in that moment that I realized that I've spent this past year thinking that my problems are too small, too silly for God.  That He doesn't care about my family - that its just the way it is.  So, as I move forward into 2012 I am reminded that Christ cares about every detail of our life.  And that no problem is too small, or too complicated, or anything else - because of an infant and a stable and a starry night thousands of years ago - He came to heal.

As you celebrate this Christmas Season remember that for many this season brings about a lot of grief and a reminder that life isn't the way they pictured it.  Their family isn't what they dreamed of.  They're missing loved ones who are no longer here.  They have  broken relationships.  Whatever it may be - He came to heal. To heal not only the physical, but the emotional, the relational, the very details of our life that sometimes seem like a bother to God - HE CAME TO HEAL.