Friday, July 15, 2011


A few nights ago I found myself sitting with a friend, holding her newborn daughter, talking about the tests and appointments that are ahead due to a syndrome she has.  It was late and as we talked the baby's grandma said "I remember getting those pj's for her, it was so hard finding something "gender neutral", but I wanted to get the baby something for Christmas" ... as she finished my friend said ... "wow, Christmas, we had no idea we'd be finding out the baby was a girl two weeks later ... and eight weeks earlier than we had expected".

As those words rang in my ears, I thought back over the past year and how so many who are close to me are in completely different places than they expected to be just a year ago.  Facing challenges and joys they only read about in other peoples stories.

This past week I watched as another friend watched her three children chase lightening bugs in the church parking lot.  As I walked to my car I stopped to watch, knowing that this time next year (without a miracle) she'd only be watching two kids chase lightening bugs.  Yet, a year ago the word cancer had never crossed their lips.

None of us know what lies ahead, we can only live in the present, which is why I feel more strongly than ever that we must live as God intended us to live - joyfully with hearts and minds that long for HIM and hands and feet that do HIS work.

There's been a lot on my heart and mind lately.  While life's been busy, there's been some tough lessons, some beautiful insights, and some amazing intersections throughout the last several months.

I challenge you to live for today, to seek after Christ, and to LOVE as He loves ... you never know what lies ahead.

" filled WITH LOVE that comes from a PURE HEART, a CLEAR CONSCIENCE, and SINCERE FAITH."  1 Timothy 1:5