Saturday, December 20, 2008


Welcome to the SOWO Volunteers who will be joining us for our Easter Services this year!

Here's what to expect in the Preschool Ministry...

1. Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your service time

2. Each classroom will have a "Room Point" (a regular PreK Volunteer) - this person will be able to answer any questions you may have!

3. Basic Schedule...

Sea/Woods (830a Service Example ... Schedules for each service will be in your classroom)
815-835 - Checkin/FreePlay/Cleanup
835 - Large Group (in the Sea - or Zone if #'s are small)
850 - Activity Center Rotation #1
900 - Activity Center Rotation #2
910 - Activity Center Rotation #3
920 - Activity Center Rotation #4
930 - Snack/Checkout

Zone (830a Service Example ... Use Sea/Woods if #'s are small)
815-835 - Checkin/FreePlay/Cleanup
835 - Activity Center Rotation #1
845 - Activity Center Rotation #2
855 - Activity Center Rotation #3
905 - Activity Center Rotation #4
915 - Large Group (in the Zone)
930 - Snack/Checkout

4. Activity Centers

-Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow

-You'll notice the four colored mats in each classroom - this is to help the children know which center to go to. When a child arrives in the classroom they receive a label with a color square, this is their starting Activity Center color.

-Each volunteer in the classroom will be assigned to one of the colors. You will remain at this color during the four activity center rotations. The Room Point will let you know when to rotate. Generally, the center rotations are 10 minutes each.

-All the curriculum and supplies that you need will be inside the Activity Center Bin.

-Any takehome items can be placed in the child's numbered bin (also located on their label)

5. Large Group

-During Large Group time the Large Group Leader will teach the story and lead worship, volunteers will help watch the children during this time.

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's December

Well ... I've been TERRIBLE about blogging lately ... Thanksgiving is finished already and its time to send out the Christmas Cards!  The first snow has already come and gone ... even though it wasn't much it made everything a beautiful white color - and of course came on a Sunday morning which made the roads treacherous on the way to church in the morning!  We might even get a little more snow tonight ... its certainly cold enough to snow!  

Christmas is obviously just a few weeks away ... take some time to slow down and enjoy this season!

Here's a few things going on...

Mitten Tree

It's up and ready ... bring your gloves, scarves, hats, etc and place them on the tree in the Preschool Area - all items collected will be given to Brookside Community Church

The Blind Writer

If you haven't heard ... Matt Bays wrote a book!  And you can get your copy in Capstone this weekend!  Or order it here.


Learn more about what this incredible ministry is doing in the world here.  Injustice in our world is all around us and lately we've been talking about it with my group of seventh graders - for many of them its brought up questions and an awareness of a world that's bigger than here in Hamilton County.  Tonight Heather and Steve had an amazing Christmas Concert to raise support for IJM and their work around the world ... I hope that you'll check out the website and allow God to move you to action as you learn more about the world we live in.