Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Most Un-Free, FREE* Word

Prayer. That single word can make the entire room go quiet at the end of my life group ... well admit it - it probably happens in your life group too.  There's something unknown about prayer - will I have to pray? outloud? does God hear me? what if I don't use the right words? will others look down on me?

Now, add Experience to that simple word and well, those thoughts and feelings can be amplified.

BUT, who said prayer has to be scary, that you have to have it all together, that God cares about the words you use ... because in reality, it's not, you don't have to, and He just wants to hear from you!

I entered the Prayer Experience last Wednesday, not quite sure that God had much to say to me.  I have been getting a lot out of FREE*, BUT I entered the time more as a "let's check this off the list" than a "let's meet with God".  It had been a long day, on top of a long week and I just needed to "get it done".

God had other plans though.

As I entered the first area I found myself in another world, relaxing, forgetting about all the things I had to do.  I sat there for awhile, with no real purpose - just taking in the sights, the people, and the music playing on the small mp3 player.  God gave me a word, a picture of freedom - yet - I didn't know how that word had anything to do with freedom ... boundaries???  Seriously... that's the most "un-free" word I could think of.  But, I went with it and I began to move along the path to the upstairs hall.

I moved through several elements and then I came to a room decorated for the holidays with packages all around.  The words played in my ears - saying "these packages are filled with gifts God has for you ... will you receive them?"

I paused for a moment and then approached the packages - there were many to choose from, all with a different "gift" inside.  I took the first one off the shelf and the word inside was REST - what an incredible moment that was.  I knew that God had met me right there at that time, with just a subtle reminder that He knew I was tired, stressed, and wondering how I was going to get through the next few days and weeks with a busy schedule coming up - HE KNEW - and for me that made the entire experience worth it.

I finished the experience, moving from room to room - praying for others, praying for myself, but in it all meeting God in a different way - a way I normally don't experience Him. Through quiet, words, surfaces, and thoughts the Prayer Experience became less about prayer and more about experiencing God - a God who loves each of us and wants the very best for us ... even when He has to literally put things right in front of you!

As I made the drive home that night, I knew that my original picture of freedom made a little more sense and that God was speaking to me through it all.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was totally going with Bayley's "heavy breathing" as a great reason why she should be a MONSTER for Trick-or-Treat ... couple that with the fact that PetSmart has their costumes on clearance for $3 this week and you have one cool looking blue monster.  And then I realized it went perfectly with my blog name ... so enjoy - Bayley in her "Monster Suit"

Friday, October 8, 2010

Something Bigger


Title Package: "I Love My Church" from North Point Media on Vimeo.

Here's a little video I found a few days ago from NorthPoint ... it captures so many of the opportunities available in churches across america during the weekend services!  Love your church ... and get involved :-)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Reaching children is a passion of mine, however I truly believe that a child can not be ministered to until their basic needs are met.  These basic needs include shelter, safety, food, clean water, and love.  Fostering and adoption are two things that I have a HUGE interest in and hope that one day the Lord will allow me to make both of those things part of my life.

Today I saw this video and was deeply moved by it - especially knowing that I one day want to foster and adopt children it shed a whole new light on what that child goes through and why the church can be and is the answer to the foster care crisis in America.

I hope you'll be inspired as you watch this...

Fostering Together Launch from North Point Media on Vimeo.

Well, you'll actually need to click here to see it since it is only available for embedding with the subscription to Vimeo!