Friday, July 9, 2010

Adventures With Bulldogs

A couple months ago I was presented with the opportunity to get a bulldog.  I've NEVER had a dog and honestly, there's only one kind of dog I've ever wanted and that's an English Bulldog.  Through a few connections there were two dogs available, a boy and a girl.  I took the girl and she has been wonderfully amazing ... and what's even nicer is that her "boyfriend" lives just 3 minutes away and she gets to see him often.

In fact, the past few days we've been staying with her "boyfriend" while his family has been away.  They get along great ... well most of the time, but together can get themselves in lots of trouble.

Tonight happened to be one of those nights when they decided not to be well behaved.

As we passed another friendly dog they both decided to take off after it ... thats 60lbs in the left arm and 60lbs in the right arm bolting after another dog, unfortunately, they split around a tree ... and I was stuck in the middle.

Then just around the next corner I saw a terrible sight ... a 5lb chihuahua with about 5" ears running towards these two bulldogs, who together weigh almost as much as I do. Thinking quickly I knelt down and grabbed their collars and within moments I had been knocked to the ground.  As I'm getting up I hear the voice of a 3yr old say "do your doggies always knock you over like that?"  Resisting the urge to scream "only when they want to eat your doggie" I calmly ask him if he can take his dog back home ... his answer, "I can't pick up my doggie when I'm riding my bike" ... and once again I resist the urge to scream "but you would if you realized my dogs want to eat yours!" 

After about five minutes of being knocked around by two bulldogs trying to get the small dog the little boy's dad finally comes out and freaks out that I'm a stranger ... and all I really wanted to do was scream "please come get your dog!!!"

Oh what a night!  Bulldogs are a ton of FUN, but they sure are strong!!!