About Me

My name is Shanna and my story to where I am today might surprise you.  My blog is an account of my life, where I've been, and what God is doing.

It all began in 1984, born in Ohio I am a Buckeye fan for life!  At the time I was an only child, until my brother came along 14 months later.  Together we were raised by our mom - since dad left shortly after my brother's birth.  In the 80's and 90's divorce wasn't common like it is now and I tended to hide it.

We didn't go to church, but heard Bible stories and would go with grandparents to help put together Bibles in foreign languages for people we'll never meet.  I believe it was those days that instilled in me a heart for serving, even before I knew Jesus.

Somewhere around the end of junior high my family began to attend church, slipping in and out each Sunday morning.  I began to get involved in the youth group and made some friends, yet continued to hide my family situation.

I met Christ in 1998 - I was in 8th grade and my "world" was falling apart.  After a severe knee injury I faced the realization that sports and fun would be a limited part of my future, if at all.  Later I proved doctors wrong that I may not be able to walk again or run, climb, hike, or bike ... I do all those things today through God's healing power and strength.

In August 2003, 13 months after my dad had passed, I showed up at Cedarville University.  The first day of classes as I heard about the "Trinity" for the first time, I knew I was in over my head.  I decided to stick it out and a year later God began to plant a calling in my heart to enter full time ministry.  Cedarville was a crash course for me as I caught up on Bible knowledge that I had never learned.  In addition to Bible and Christian Ministry Minors I earned a degree in Early Childhood Education w/preschool special needs endorsement and an Ohio Teaching License.

Four years later I was packing my things and heading west to the Hoosier State to begin my first job in full-time ministry.  It's where I am today, more than three years later, serving children and families in a local church near Indianapolis.  I began as the Preschool/Volunteer Director, but over time my role has evolved to Early Childhood/Volunteer Director - overseeing almost 400 volunteers in the Early Childhood Ministry and being the first contact for new volunteers in a ministry where more than 600 serve.  My job is busy, but God uses it to teach me more about himself each day and to plant a seed of compassion for families, both here and abroad.

Today, I spend my time working in ministry, serving others, and hanging out with friends.  I am the mommy of an adorable, but VERY lazy 4yr old English Bulldog ("Bayley") and the daughter of the King.

Enjoy the posts, as I weave life, photography and ministry into an account of life ... the good, the bad, and the God moments as they all come together.