Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Monday


Sugarland's Tribute to Indiana...and a beautiful song I've always loved

Friday, August 19, 2011


"the stage just blew over" ... those were the words I read on Facebook almost a week ago as the Indiana State Fair Stage collapsed just prior to a strong thunderstorm. 

While I had many friends at the concert that night, I myself was out of town ... knowing I would have been there, maybe not in the grandstand, but just outside listening just like last year had I been in town. 

As I walked the streets of Gatlinburg, Tennessee ... I quickly saw the power of social media.  Word spread quickly, I knew my friends were okay and stories of pure heroism emerged quickly through tweets, photos, and posts.

There was no waiting for the "breaking news" anymore ... my friends were reporting the event there in my newsfeed. 

As I returned home a few days after the event I began to talk to friends about the stage collapse and quickly gathered that some of them didn't have the same opinions I shared on the event.  As we talked I began to learn that their opinions were coming from their friend's posts on Facebook and Twitter.  I began to think about how we allow others to influence us ... both good and bad. 

We are no longer influenced by the crowd we run around with, but instead by the crowd that is constantly in our newsfeed each time we log on ...

so who are you allowing to influence you?  Is it a Christ-like influence?  Who are you influencing?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011



It is in the silence where I find myself truly connecting with God.  Our everyday lives are busy ... I mean BUSY, but I have been challenged this week to find times where I can be silent, alone, and reconnect with God.  It is something I need to do.

This morning I read this verse in 1 Peter 4:7 ... "The end of all things is near. So keep a clear mind. Control yourselves. Then you can pray"

The words "keep a clear mind" weighed heavy on my heart as I realized that the busyness of life clutters my mind and my heart - it keeps me from connecting with my Creator. 

I've spent the past few days in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.  There have been moments of quiet, but people always seem to be around.  Then yesterday, I got on my bike ... no radio, no talking, no noise ... and I rode part of the Cade's Cove Loop (truth be told I think I could have done all 11 miles, but that's for another day).  There was no noise, but me, the wind, and the bugs and it was in the moment when I was challenged that in order for me to truly connect with God in the deep way I long for I must get away from everything.  I must plan times to go into the open country and just be alone.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Monday

We were blessed with the opportunity to host Jon McLaughlin this past weekend at Northview Church.  I have always loved this song!

This is the same song, but from this past weekend ... hard to see, but beautiful music.