Monday, May 11, 2009

So, what's a monster suit?

Monster Suits and Ministry to PreK's ... they go hand in hand - just keep reading, you'll see.  

But, what's a monster suit?  

For me, its a reminder about the faith of a child.  The faith that each of us are called to have as followers of Christ.  

Several weeks ago I found myself sitting with a 3yr old - who was refusing to put his pajamas on. The only reason ... he was scared of monsters.  His pajamas quickly became his Monster Suit ... and with childlike faith he believed that these PJ's would protect him from monsters all night long.  

We're called to follow Christ with faith like a child - just like 3 yr olds wear their monster suits to bed each night ... fully believing that they'll be protected from monsters.

In my blog you'll find many examples and stories of faith like children - through the eyes of children ... I'll tag these posts as Monster Suits ... always reminding us to follow Christ with childlike faith.


Bill Wolfe said...

Shanna, this is awesome. Love the term "monster suit" and how you're using that. Have fun in SD!