Friday, September 2, 2011

Well Done

This week has been tough.  Wednesday evening, Jake went home to be with Jesus.

I'll never forget hearing his mother say during his final hours ... "Jesus is going to say, well done my good and faithful servant" ... it was a powerful moment and so true of the person Jake was during the past seven years.  Jake has ministered to thousands through his dream of giving Pillow Pets to sick children.  He didn't let his age stop him and became a spokesperson for sick children.

Over the last several months there have been so many amazing and painful moments. But, as things came to a close this past week  I've reflected on the things I've learned this past year and the ways the Jake has impacted my life.

Ultimately, Jake and his family has taught me to live life ... to go to the store and get ice cream just because, to take a vacation even when you don't have the time or money, to go home and spend time with family, to be with friends even when you don't have the time, to do the things you enjoy ... to simply live life and not let the limitations of money, time, people, etc stop you!

Jake ... I'll miss you, I'll miss your heart and the way you genuinely loved people and animals, I'll miss you hanging out with me in the hallway during the 11a service when you didn't feel like being in your class, but still wanted to be at church, I'll miss your stories about frogs and bugs and your love for life.  You are an amazing kid!

Hug your kids tonight!